Dear Jane/Young Hysan《地球空心论 2.0》[高品质MP3+无损FLAC格式/64MB]百度云网盘下载

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Dear Jane/Young Hysan《地球空心论 2.0》[高品质MP3+无损FLAC格式/64MB]百度云网盘下载-60音盘

歌曲简介:Dear Jane 地球空心论 2.0今日上线!

也许有一种人 世间要他清醒
也许有一种人 世间要他安静
也许有种可能 最优美的风景
太深奥 你要看得到 要有妄想症
Lost hope I lost faith I lost myself
A lost soul in this world where can't nobody help
I lost touch of what's sacred and what's not for sale
I lost innocence blood stains on these dollar bills
Lost cause we lost it all the city ablaze
Last cry reached the heavens but ain't nobody came
Smoke signals get snuffed out without a sound
There's blood spilled I hear they spirits above the ground
Maybe I'm crazy
Maybe I'm digging my own grave with dirt all over my face
Obsessing over this daydream
Maybe this rock flying through space is indifferent to all my pain
But what if we're all wrong what if there is a place
That's deeper beneath the surface that's pleasure without pain
What if we in the dark just 'cause we all afraid
What if we've all lost it and everybody insane
也许我不可能 过得过于清醒
也许你不可能 怨得过于安静
太多个不可能 有几个须解释
你跟我 哪会算得上 有过妄想症
Tell me what are we doing here
Tell me girl what is it you fear
When they took everything from us look at this dirt and rubble
Baby I see it too clear
Took my community and home from me
They even tried to take my soul from me
But my belief it can't break it'll take more than this Earth
To take control from me alright
Maybe this st suicide maybe I done lost my mind Maybe everyone who came before me got buried alive Maybe I ain't as brave as you think of me and I'm scared to die Staring at the bigger picture that st got me terrified
Focus and put my faith in no time for no contemplation
The world about to end I see the signs in the constellations
I put in every fiber of my body until it hurt
Digging to the center of the Earth
也许我不可能 过得过于清醒
也许你不可能 怨得过于安静
太多个不可能 有几个须解释
你跟我 哪会算得上 有过妄想症
会被嫌弃 却换来惊喜
信念行为毫无道理 但浪漫至死
What am I doing
Am I going insane
Fighting to find this light that was promised but never came
Fighting against time that's lost and can't regain
Fighting against my mind to hold onto my faith
God what am I doing
I'm tired of fighting
But I can't fight the feeling to fight for another day
Fighting to break this cycle fighting against fate
Closing my eyes help me I think I'm going insane
也许有一种人 最好叫他清醒
也许有一种人 最好叫他安静
也许我都可能 脑袋有一把声
哪一个 有证据给我 说我妄想症

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